NameAdjustabilityErgonomicsPriceOur Rating 
Steelcase Gesture5/55/5$$$$$1Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Alera Elusion5/55/5$2Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Steelcase Amia5/54/5$$$$3Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Embody by Herman Miller5/55/5$$$$$4Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Steelcase Leap3/55/5$$$$5Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Herman Miller Sayl4/53/5$$$6Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Herman Miller Aeron5/54/5$$$$7Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Ergohuman High Back4/54/5$$$8Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Office Star Space AirGrid3/53/5$9Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Haworth Zody3/54/5$$$$10Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button

As you can see, we have reviewed ten different chairs and came up with the best office chair currently available. Note that if you’re if you find ergonomics very important or if you’re budget-conscious, it might be smart to check out our other articles:

But if you want to read more about the best office chair across all criteria, you’ve come to the right place. As you can see from the table, our number 1 pick is the Steelcase Gesture.

We have judged these chairs on the basis of several criteria, including price, adjustability, ergonomics, and user reviews. If you’re convinced, buy one of these directly using the buttons, or read more about each of the chairs below.


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Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase Gesture is our number one pick, even though Wired Magazine called it “small, sturdy, stout, and heavy”. And it’s not because of its futuristic (almost sci-fi) looks, but we found it just super comfortable. On top of that, you can adjust this chair to almost any posture and body type.The Best Office Chair: Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Perhaps more importantly, this chair is built to last. This 70 pounds behemoth is heavy and the price is steep, but if you use it daily, this is the way to go. If you don’t do anything funny, it should last several years, which makes the price worth it!

There are only two downsides in our opinion. First, the armrests of the Gesture could use a little extra padding. Second, if you have lower back issues, you might want to go with a chair with better lumbar support, such as our third pick, the Steelcase Amia.

Despite that, we still find that this is the best office chair currently on the market, because we feel it is suited for most people working in an office or home office for 8 or more hours per day.


Alera Elusion

The Alera Elusion is a great chair, with a great price. There are a few different sizes versions available, but we preferred the mesh high-back version.Alera Elusion Office Chair

The main advantage of this chair is its adjustability. You might want to take 30 minutes or so to really set up this chair, but if you do, it will fit almost any body type. In fact, there are so many levers that it will take a while to figure out which one does what, but it’s time well spent.

So the adjustability and the price make for a great chair, but what are the negatives? Well, the armrests aren’t made for everyone. You have little choice to adjust your arms once they’re on the armrests. From time to time, that makes for painful arms. And of course, the quality of this chair is a bit lower than some of the other chairs we feature here (especially in the higher-priced segment), but for this price you can’t expect more.

Definitely worth the money!


Steelcase Amia

The Amia is a chair built for comfort and durability. It comes pre-assembled and doesn’t squeak or wobble. Some of its owners are lyrical about this chair, and we really like it too, making it one of our top picks.Steelcase Amia Office Chair

Just like it’s brother, the Steelcase Amia is super adjustable, and has perhaps even better lumbar support.

The downsides? Well, the bottom cushion is a bit too thin for some people. This means that although it can hold up to 300 lbs, the cushion might wear too thin after several months of use. Also, the adjustability is great, but we thought this chair was a bit too adjustable. Is there even such a thing? Well, there is if you think of the armrests of the Amia, which might slide away from time to time.

Nonetheless, a great chair which we would definitely recommend. You will have to save up or ask your employer for the funds (and try it first!) but for many it’s worth every penny.


Embody Chair by Herman Miller

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller could be called the Chair of all Chairs. Gizmodo even called it:

“the best chair we’ve ever sat on”

But is it? Is it the best chair ever?

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Well, it’s definitely among the best office chairs out there, but that’s also reflected in its price. But let’s first start with the design. Some of our colleagues think the Embody comes straight from a sci-fi movie, but that means that the chair will stand out in any type of room, and impress any visitor! It’s available in a wide variety of colors, so it can fit any style.

In terms of adjustability, well, you can adjust almost anything. You can adjust seat depth, back curve, height, the position of the armrests, and more.

The downside of course, is the price. Is the price worth the chair? Well, that’s difficult to tell. Some people find this the ideal chair. They might be happy to sit back, relax, and pay over $1000 dollars to float into happiness while reading about inferior chairs on, but others might be a little bit more reluctant.

In our opinion, the Embody should not be #1, simply because the quality doesn’t live up to the price. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great chair. But we’d suggest keeping some of that money for a rainy day and ordering the Steelcase Gesture instead.


Steelcase Leap

The Leap is the best-selling Steelcase chair, and it can really be considered one of the best office chairs out there. In comparison to the Herman Miller Embody, the Steelcase Leap doesn’t stand out in design, but if you’re looking for a great ergonomic chair, that’s not an issue.Steelcase Leap Office Chair

The chair has a Cradle-to-Cradle certification, which means that it is designed with recyclability in mind. Definitely a plus in our opinion.

According to the manufacturer, the chair adjusts to fit to your body. Although that sounds like marketing-talk, we’ve tested it and it really does automatically adjusts to the way you sit. Even when you lean back or slouch, the chair will move with you, making it a great option for people who have difficulty finding the right posture.

A great chair, though some people find the so-called Natural Glide System not suitable for their bodies. For most people this won’t be an issue, but some find that there is too little ‘adjustability’ with regards to the seat and the possibility to recline.


Herman Miller Sayl

Another Herman Miller chair! We know, they aren’t the cheapest chairs around, but the quality of the Herman Miller chairs is top notch.Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

Surely, the Aeron and the Embody are a step up from the Sayl, but this chair really does a great job at providing you with proper posture. We actually named it the best office chair under 500 (although it’s actually just slightly above that budget), simply because it looks so great!

One thing we like about the Herman Miller chairs is their design. The Sayl is a greatly designed chair, and it definitely impresses visitors and clients alike.

Although a great chair, the chair doesn’t really fit taller or larger people very well. If you are quite tall, we would recommend the Ergohuman instead. In addition, the chair tends to squeak after a few weeks of usage, which might be easily fixable with some WD-40, but still. At this price point, it shouldn’t squeak at all, or at least not for the first few months.

The chair is worth the price, but for this price there are better chairs out there.


Herman Miller Aeron

The first Herman Miller Aeron was launched in 1994, and it’s a chair that’s still going strong. It’s a chair that can be adjusted to a great degree, just like it’s big brother, the Embody. This means that you can adjust the arms, lumbar support, the seat angle, etc.Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

There are three different sizes available (A, B, and C, from small to large), so do check which size would suit your body type best. In our opinion this is a great feature, because it makes the chair a great fit for everyone, including people who wouldn’t be able to get comfortable in a cheaper office chair because of their height or size.

The only downside that we’d like to mention is the lumbar pad, which doesn’t always work as well as we had hoped. It might take some adjustments, or you might even want to take the whole thing out. Nonetheless, a great chair for quite a big price, which might be worth it depending on your body shape.


Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

The name ‘Ergohuman’ already implies that with this chair, it’s all about ergonomics.Ergohuman High Back Mesh Office Chair

It’s a great chair for taller people, as you can adjust the armrests to a very high sitting and the chair generally is designed with giants in mind.

The downside is that the lumbar support is not adjustable in and by itself; you can only adjust it when you’re adjusting the backrest. Compared to the Herman Miller chairs, the Ergohuman doesn’t form very well to your back and figure, which is also definitely a downside. But yet, it’s easily adjustable and it’s not incredibly expensive.


Office Star Space Air Grid

The Office Star SPACE AirGrid is one of the cheapest in the bunch. It has a good-looking mesh back, which allows for breathability as well as good back support. We are reviewing model 5500, but there are a few other models available, so make sure to check which model suits you best. For instance, we preferred the padded seat instead of the mesh seat, but this depends on your preferences.Officestar SPACE AirGrid Office Chair

We would suggest this chair if you’re looking for something durable and cheap, that can support you during short periods of sitting.

However, if you’re someone who sits >5 hours per day, then it might be worth it to spend a little bit and get a chair that is more comfortable.

Last, if you pick this chair, make sure to pay attention to the casters you get. The casters that come with the chair do not fit certain flooring and it would be a shame to damage the floor with your new purchase.


Haworth Zody

The Zody Chair by Haworth has an intriguing name, but it actually doesn’t look very different from any other type of office chair. It is quite pricy. To be honest, we found it a bit too pricy in comparison to the quality of the chair.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s a great chair. It’s up to 98% recyclable, has a no nonsense-design, and its users generally find it very comfortable.

But there are too many downsides at this price point. The lumbar support works well, but seems a bit flimsy at first sight. Perhaps more importantly though, the adjustability is not as good as we’d want to see it (if you really want adjustability, go for the Alera Elusion), and the customer service isn’t up to par.

And even though Haworth offers lifetime warranty (which isn’t included even for a top dollar chair from Herman Miller!), it may take several months to get your chair fixed.

But if you prefer the comfort and if you think you won’t make use of Haworth’s customer service, the Zody might still be a good pick.


The best office chair is the Steelcase Gesture

There. We’ve said it.

We think the best office chair currently on the market is the Steelcase Gesture.

However, this article is limited in its scope, and there are numerous other office chairs that we didn’t discuss here. Chairs like the Steelcase Think, the GM Seating Ergolux, or even the AmazonBasics Mid-Back chair. These chairs also have great reviews and might not all be as expensive as our number one pick.

If you have decided to go with one of our top picks, then great, and enjoy your chair! But if you need to think about it a bit more, or if you have a smaller budget available, check out the best office chair under $500, or even the best office chair under $200!

Or perhaps you’re looking for the best home office chair or the best gaming chair. At All About Chairs, we’ve got all the info you need!

Steelcase Gesture in an office