Since working takes a great part of our lives, it is important to ensure that we make our working environment as comfortable as possible. One way to do that, is to get a comfortable office seat. We’ll help you find one at a pocket friendly price. Having a comfortable seat will aid in avoiding back pain and health problems that arise from long time use of bad chairs. Earlier this year, we took a look at the Best Office Chair under 200 dollars on this website. However, for anyone who wants a bit more comfort and has a larger budget, we have reviewed 10 chairs to find the Best Office Chair under 500.


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Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

A design by Herman Miller, the Sayl chair is the pioneer of ergonomic chairs. This brand has been known for releasing the best office chairs on the market, and this model has managed to scoop the first place as the best office chair under 500 on this list.

This chair is the most comfortable from the brand’s office chair collection. The design comes in many colors and is manufactured in the USA using recyclable materials. Its remarkable design was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, combining unique engineering techniques and ergonomic design that enables it to carry a lot of weight.

As you can see, the design has an ark that supports the back well. However, this does make it a rigid chair in a way. On top of that, it’s actually a tiny bit more expensive than 500, unfortunately. But the design is something that simply cannot be found elsewhere.


Viva Office High-Back Luxury Chair

An executive’s office completes it look and purpose with the presence of an executive chair. This leathered chair would serve that purpose well, as it has a majestic look and appearance. So it doesn’t only satisfy you as a user, but will also indirectly positively affect your clients.

More importantly, the Viva Office High-Back has a great level of ergonomic support due to its integrated headrest, high back and its adjustability, all the way to the armrests. .

We also loved the side supports around the waist area, which is not something we usually see on most office chairs under 500 dollars. It’s actually not very expensive, while offering you a very long service full of body support and comfort.

The chair might however not fit all purposes and people. For instance, if you’re a bit clumsy or prone to spilling, this might not be the chair for you. As it’s an all-leather chair, it does require regular care. Nonetheless, because it looks so great we’ve decided to grant it a solid second place.


Office Factor Ergonomic High-Back Executive Mesh Chair

This is the highest adjustable ergonomic chairs under $500 so far, and it made third place in this list. This chair gives even more satisfying ergonomic protection and support than you would expect from this price.

The back is able to be locked into the same position while the chair is a little bent. This means that you can maintain a great posture, whether you’re working behind your computer or writing or designing using pen and paper.

The Office Factor Ergonomic Mesh Chair‘s arms are movable up, down, backwards and forwards, and it also has an lumbar protection built-in, as well as a mesh back that offers some reprieve from stressful workdays. This is a very good looking chair that can grace any office and give it a business-like appearance and environment.


Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair combines affordability and comfort to take the fourth place. This chair is ideal for all kinds of use, whether you’re working from home, in the office, or elsewhere. Ancheer has done a very good job on the upgraded features on this model. Anybody who spends long hours seated will find this Ancheer Office Chair quite impressive.

Should you decide to purchase this chair for you or your colleagues, you’ll surely notice a positive outcome. This chair offers comfort that not all office chairs have. In addition, one of the most pleasing things about the chair is its appearance. It really catches the eye and does so at an affordable price.

It has a sponge seat and a mesh back, so to give you maximum comfort. The chair’s arms are equally amazing and can be flipped up. Almost all the chairs mentioned here can be adjusted, but this chair has more to it in terms of comfort and support. A good pick, all things considered.


Knoll Regeneration Chair

The Knoll ReGeneration is an ergonomic chair which is designed to provide comfort, ease of use and great freedom of movement. The Knoll Regeneration features a clear and precise design and a flexible and responsive mesh back. This provides you with an excellent lumbar support and imitKnoll Regeneration Office Chairates the natural curve of your back and shoulders, ensuring proper posture. In other words, it will keep you comfortable all day. The Knoll ReGeneration Chair also makes use of a so-called Dynamic Suspension Control system to offer you personal chair tilting and recline.

The chair has a slim profile that keeps it light but durable. The Regeneration has a Greenguard certification, meaning it was produced using green technologies. The most attractive feature of this chair is its 12 years limited warranty, whether you get the armless version or the version with armrests. Unfortunately it is not available on Amazon, but you can get the chair in customized colors at the manufacturer’s website.


Leaders Executive Office Chair

The Leaders Executive Office Chair is a highly interesting office chair. It’s among the best office chairs under 500 you can get on the market today. Its unique design structure is specifically designed to support the neck and lower back. Interestingly, this chair includes two fully adjustable backrests. These backrests can be adjusted according to any body size and combined with the ergonomic flexible headrest, it surely delivers comfort.

Other adjustable features include the seat height, tilt tension and tilt lock and its width and height. The seat is very stable as it features a base of six legs.

This chair is great if you spend most of your time seated, as it gives you all the lower back support you need. The Leaders Executive Office Chair’s ergonomic design assures strong support for the lower back and the neck. And it automatically corrects your posture by forcing an upright sitting position.  As much as some people might find the appearance of the chair unappealing, this chair is really one of the best chairs under 500.


Alera Elusion Chair

The Alera Elusion is perhaps our all-time favorite. It has the most comfortable design and the attractive wire mesh just work wonders for long work days.  It has a seat cushion designed to control pressure off your legs, while at the same time supporting your back well. This ensures you maintain the right posture.

The Elusion has been named the best office chair under 200, and that’s because of its amazing adjustability. In addition, its favorable price caters for everyone who looks for an amazing office chair for an amazing price. It is definitely one of the best chairs under 500.


Steelcase Turnstone Jack Task Chair

As usual, Steelcase used their experience in chair-making to create this all-purpose and well-priced durable chair. It’s in fact made under the ‘Turnstone’ brand, and is a bit different from the most chairs we’ve reviewed here. Nonetheless, it works well as an office chair. The Turnstone by Steelcase Jack chair boasts a contoured back and a generous seat, and its comfort makes for an enjoyable experience. With the chair’s pneumatic height adjustment and stable five-star base, the Jack is a complete package. The chair is famous for its 12 years warranty.


Other important aspects of the Jack are:

  • A fixed arm and arm support height
  • Swivel used to create fluid movement.
  • Swivel tilt. It has a tension control handle that changes the hardness or ease at which it reclines. This also allows the user to lock the chair into an upright position, preventing recline.
  • Synchro tilt that allows recline of a 1 degree angle tilt, for every 2 degrees of reclining back. This makes for great ergonomics.
  • Jack Pack can support up to 225 lbs. and has a 12-year warranty.

Having fixed arms height can be uncomfortable but the chair has other features that generally makes it a suitable seat if you want a good chair and do not care too much about looks.


Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair

This Mid-Back Mesh Chair made by Flash Furniture is a unique chair that fits any budget and is available in a variety of colors. It has a strong five wheeled base and a contoured supporting back. It is designed to accommodate people of all sizes and heights (up to more than six feet). This surprised us, because most chairs in this price category do not have such features.

There have been some complaints about problems with it its base, as some customers have indicated that the base breaks down after some time of usage. That is definitely a downside, but with such a price, you can’t get much better.


Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Serta is quite successful when it comes to mattresses and has decided to expand into ergonomics. We have reviewed the Serta Executive Office Chair before, where it got 7th place of best office chair under 200 dollars. This Serta Mid-Back Office Chair is quite similar, and is of a reasonable price, while it looks and feels like high brand product. The layered pillows makes it very comfortable, while at the same time giving ample back support to the user.

The chair has eco-friendly leather and a push button for adjusting the armrests. Another attractive feature is its posture-correcting technology that helps you get through your long day.

As much as its price (under $300) is attractive, we’ve found that the chair is not durable if you spend long hours seated on it. So we’ll only recommend it for home or home office use, with a few hours of use per day.


The Best Office Chair under 500 is the Herman Miller Sayl

In order to get a comfortable chair, you need one that really fits your posture well. At the same time, the chair should be adjustable and moveable, as you probably won’t stay in the same position the whole day. There are a lot of office chairs that fit a budget of $500, and even though the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller is a tiny bit more expensive, it had to take the first place in this list.

The Sayl captivates with its unique architectural design and is incredibly modern.  This design is simply special. However, the most important part of this chair is its flexible back that supports you while at the same time is quite adjustable. Looking at this chair, we hope you can agree that it’s the best offer in this price bracket.

The Sayl Office Chair is the best office chair under 500 because apart from the customer getting so much, Herman Miller has a reputation of being a producer of durable furniture. This means that you get a 12 year warranty.

All things considered, if you want to have a great office chair, go for the Sayl. But if your budget is a bit more limited, take a look at the Alera Elusion and the best office chairs under 200, or what we consider the best office chairs of all time.