We have reviewed a variety of different office chairs on our website. Some people might just want to look at the best office chair. But others might find what they’re looking for in our review of the best ergonomic office chair, or our review of the best office chair under 500. However, we decided to write this review for everyone who is budget-conscious, as a bit letand wants to buy the best office chair under 200 dollars.


NameAdjustabilityErgonomicsPrice (relative)Our Rating 
Alera Elusion5/55/5$$1Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Lorell Executive High-Back5/55/5$$2Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Office Star Space AirGrid3/53/5$$3Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair2/54/5$4Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
HON Volt Task Chair3/54/5$$5Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair3/54/5$6Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Serta Executive Office Chair3/53/5$7Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button


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Alera Elusion

In our opinion, the Alera Elusion is simply the best office chair under 200 dollars that you can find.

As you might have seen in our other articles, we indicated that if you take 30 minutes to adjust the chair to your preferences,

It will fit almost any body type.


The Best Office Chair under 200 dollars - The Alera Elusion Office ChairIt’s clear that there are ample reasons for why this is such a great chair. We named this chair the runner-up for both best office chair and best ergonomic office chair, and with a price of below $200, you can’t go wrong here.

The Elusion features great adjustability and we love the mesh back that ensures you won’t sweat too much when you’re in a warm environment. As we also mentioned earlier, the seat cushion is phenomenal, and whether you’re:


  • Tall
  • Heavy
  • Small
  • Light
  • Or anything else…

It doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to use the Elusion as a comfortable office chair for longer periods of time. Whether you have a home office or whether you’re droning away behind your laptop for 10 hours per day, the Elusion is really a great pick.

Note though that if price isn’t an issue and you just want the best of the best, we would recommend our number 1 picks of best office chair and best ergonomic office chair instead:

The Steelcase Gesture and the Herman Miller Embody.

But if your budget is a bit smaller, make sure to check out the Elusion. And if you want to actually see this chair before buying, check out this video by Office Chairs Outlet.

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Lorell Executive High-Back

The Lorell is a chair that works well for anyone who wants to pay a bit more attention to ergonomics. If you have a bad back or generally feel that you might need some additional lumbar support, do check out this chair.

The Lorell Executive High-Back ranked number 6 in our best ergonomic office chair article, and not without reason.Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair

In a way, the Lorell is a cheaper version of the Herman Miller Aeron, and if you put the two next to one another, the differences mostly become apparent in terms of build quality.

However, for this price, the Lorell is really a great choice. You can’t expect awesome build quality at this price point, and the colleagues at All About Chairs suggest periodically checking the chair for any loose bolts or nuts.

The reason why the Lorell deserves the third spot, is that it scores well on both adjustability and ergonomics. You can adjust this chair to a great extent, making sure that the chair really fits your body type. In addition, the spine-support on the chair is really quite good and can only be beaten by chairs which cost (much) higher, such as the Embody by Herman Miller, which is worth up to 6 Lorell chairs!


Officestar Space AirGrid

The Officestar Space was featured on our website as number 9 in best office chairs, and it’s no wonder this chair has the third spot for the best office chair under $200.

There are a few different versions of this chair. In our ‘best office chair’ article, we mentioned the Space including an adjustable headrest. However, the added headrest increases the price significantly. So if you want to stick with a chair under $200, we suggest you stick to the simpler versions.

The Officestar Space is a great and simple chair, and with a limited budget you can’t get much better than this.Officestar SPACE AirGrid Office Chair

That doesn’t mean that there are no downsides to the Officestar Space. Sure there are. For instance, we found that when using this chair for more than 5 hours per day, it wasn’t as comfortable as the Alera Elusion.

In addition, the casters on this chair aren’t great. In fact, they are worse than a lot of the chairs mentioned in this article. It depends a bit on your flooring whether this is a big issue. We recommend to check what flooring you will use the chair on most often, and on that basis order additional casters.

We’ve had several users complain about the scratches that the casters would make on their parquet flooring, so it’s definitely smart to take this into account!


Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

This chair is well-suited as an office chair, but there are some downsides we should mention before we ‘start’.

Balance ball chairs are not for everyone.

What do we mean by this?

Well, some people find that a balance ball chair is one of the best chairs to ensure you keep a correct posture. And it is, especially when you’re not only sitting on a ball, but also have back support such as is the case with the Isokinetics chair.Isokinetics Balance Ball Office Chair

However, a balance ball chair requires quite a lot of training.

If you go from 8 hours of sitting on a normal office chair to 8 hours of sitting on a balance ball chair, you’ll find it quite uncomfortable.

But if you try this chair from time to time and keep training your back muscles, it can really be a great pick if your budget is limited.

Evidently, the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair might not be the greatest looking chair in the bunch. So if you find that you have to use this chair in more formal settings, we recommend going for the Alera Elusion or the Officestar Space AirGrid instead.


HON Volt Task Chair

Yes, the HON Volt H5705 is not your typical office chair. Just like the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair, you might not want to use this chair in a formal setting.HON Volt H5705 Task Office Chair

However, if you do not really care about the looks of your office chair, the HON Volt is a great choice!

Sure, you cannot recline as well as in a more standard office chair such as the Alera Elusion, but it does almost everything you want an office chair to do, depending a bit on the desk you want to sit behind.

We say this because the chair is actually quite high. This makes the chair more suited for taller people or for those designers, artists, etc., who use a drafting table or countertop to sit behind.

Regardless, the chair is easy to assemble and offers great build quality. In this price range we’ve had many customers indicate that their chair would break or fall apart after a few years, but we really haven’t seen this happen to the HON Volt.

Note though that there are a variety of different versions available of this chair. We reviewed the H5705, but you can also go for the version with a mesh back, or even buy additional T-Arms.

Unfortunately, the mesh back version is a bit over the limit of $200, which is why we reviewed the upholstered back version. However, if you prefer a mesh back, it might be worth it to increase your budget slightly and ensure you don’t have any sweat-related issues when sitting on this chair.


AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

This is one of the first times that we took a look at the AmazonBasics chairs and to our surprise, they are actually quite good!

Sure, Amazon sells great products, but we were a bit skeptic. After all, how long has Amazon been in the chair business? A few years?

Compared to brands such as Alera and Officestar, Amazon is still a ‘newbie’. However, the High-Back Executive Chair really is a great chair.

It’s comfortable and its ergonomics are quite good. What we mean by that is that it offers good sitting posture, and the cushions are quite thick.

Initially we were impressed by the build quality of this Amazon chair, but quite a few users repoAmazonBasics High-Back Executive Office Chairrted the leather would start to fall apart after a year or so of continued use.

Sure, you can’t expect too much from a chair that is so cheap (you can almost buy two AmazonBasic chairs if you have $200 to spend), but still we had hoped for a bit more.

Nonetheless, we do recommend this chair if you’re of an average height/size (it doesn’t really fit tall or big people), and if you don’t mind buying another in a year or two.

In addition, do note that you will have to assemble the chair yourself. It’s not too much work, but still, it will cost some energy and effort.


Serta Executive Office Chair

The Serta Executive Office Chair, which comes in light beige or gray, looks a bit different than most office chairs reviewed here.Serta Executive Office Chair

In fact, it looks more like a chair you would put in your own home, but making use of an office chair’s five-star base.

But don’t let that fool you. The Serta offers quite a good lumbar support and is very comfortable to sit in.

Unfortunately, we have had some customers complain about its comfort after a few months of use. The Serta seems to be a great (and cheap!) chair at first, but the fabric is actually quite weak and the chair isn’t as sturdy as we’d hoped.

Overall, we suggest the Serta if:

  • You’re not too tall, and
  • You’ll use the chair for less than 5 hours per day


Well, this chair is not really made for tall people, and its build quality is not up to par. That said, if you’re under 5’9 or so and will use the chair periodically, the Serta is still quite a good choice.


The Best Office Chair under 200 is the Alera Elusion

There is no way around it. The Elusion is just an awesome chair that cannot be beaten by any of the other chairs presented here.

It is affordable, durable, and provides great back support.Best Office Chair under 200: The Alera Elusion Office Chair

And we can’t stress this enough, but: The adjustability on a chair of this value is unbelievable!

You can adjust almost anything on the Elusion, and we suggest that if you purchase one, you first make sure it fits your body as well as it can. Take some time to tweak this chair and you’ll have made a great purchase that won’t let you down!

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It’s clear that we think the Elusion is the best office chair under 200 dollars. But we did consider adding a variety of other chairs to this list.

Why? Well, there are simply a lot of options if you have up to $200 to spend and want a decent office chair that works well and also looks good.

For instance, we’ve considered the:

These are all quite good picks, and most of them get great Amazon ratings (some get even up to 4.5 stars!).

However, we’ve had numerous users report that the build quality of these chairs (much like the Serta discussed here, in fact), is not too great.





Simply put, if you value your money and don’t want to buy a chair that gives up on you after a year of extensive use…

We would recommend one of our top picks instead:

  1. Alera Elusion
  2. Officestar Space AirGrid
  3. Lorell Executive High Back
  4. Or any of the others in this list