Many people require a good ergonomically designed office chair. Especially if you want to reduce back pain at work, it might be useful to take a look at the best ergonomic office chair.

NameAdjustabilityErgonomicsPriceOur Rating 
Herman Miller Embody5/55/5$$$$$1Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Alera Elusion5/55/5$2Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Steelcase Gesture5/55/5$$$$$3Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Steelcase Leap3/55/5$$$$4Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Serta Back in Motion4/55/5$$5Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Lorell Executive High-Back5/55/5$6Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair2/54/5$7Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Workpro Quantum 90004/55/5$$$8Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button
Salli Swing4/55/5$$$$$9Buy From Amazon Affiliate Yellow Button
Herman Miller Aeron5/54/5$$$$10Buy From Amazon Affiliate Grey Button


In a different article, we’ve discussed the best office chair currently available. Although in that article we did take ergonomics into account, we figured it would be useful to write another review focussing on everyone who is specifically looking for the best ergonomic office chair.

Note that we focussed on ergonomics, but that was not the only relevant criteria. We also took adjustability and price into account when making our final top 10.

So without further ado, here are our top picks.


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Herman Miller Embody

One of the first chairs we reviewed for this article, also turned out to be our number one pick for everyone who’s looking for a great ergonomic office chair.

What would it be like to sit on a throne?“, a fellow chair enthusiast wondered.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair: Herman Miller Embody

Well, this chair definitely serves as a throne!

We knew we couldn’t discuss ergonomic chairs while skipping the Embody by Herman Miller. The Embody was specifically designed with office workers in mind, and we found the Embody to be super comfortable. You have to make sure to adjust the chair so that it works for your body, but when it does, sitting in this chair feels like magic.

In short, the Embody is great for your spine, not only making sure you keep a right posture, but it also moves with you along the way. We found the Embody to be the best ergonomic office chair out there, but it does come with a hefty price tag. So if you have a smaller budget, it might be smarter to go for the Steelcase Leap instead.


Alera Elusion

The Alera Elusion scores well in our tests, particularly because of the combination of a great price with great adjustability. This chair was the runner up of best office chair of 2016, and it’s clear why.Alera Elusion Office Chair

You can adjust nearly everything about this chair, and that makes it fit for any body type. The seat cushion is phenomenal, and we particularly enjoyed the mesh-back version, which allows for breathability on a long workday. There’s nothing negative to say about the lumbar support, as it simply works well.

As we already stated in our best office chair article, the Elusion is really a great chair. The only downside is that the quality of the chair is not as good as we’d hoped: you might need some adjustments and hear some noise after a few months of using it.

So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the Embody chair, definitely go for the Elusion!


Steelcase Gesture

We at AllAboutChairs find the best office chair, the Steelcase Gesture in one word: great. The gesture has great adjustability, which makes this chair also one of top picks for best ergonomic office chair.The Best Office Chair: Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

We particularly enjoyed the (added) headrest, which you can adjust in terms of height, pivot, and rotation. Similar to the Leap, the Gesture also moves with you when you move, making it a great chair for people who sit behind their desk for multiple hours per day.

Unfortunately the additional adjustable lumbar support was unavailable when we last checked, and the built-in lumbar support is good but not great. Last, the Gesture is not always as comfortable as you might expect from an ergonomic office chair, so if ergonomics is the most important feature, we’d opt for the Leap instead.


Steelcase Leap

In terms of ergonomics, the Steelcase Leap is a great chair, especially if we take into account the fact that it isn’t a very new chair.Steelcase Leap Office Chair

Although the chair looks like any other office chair, the great thing about the Leap is that it moves with your body. This means that when you adjust your posture or lean forward to take a closer look at your screen or a document, both he back and the arms move with you. The ‘LiveBack’ and ‘Natural Glide System’ both work great in this sense, and it’s a chair like no other.

If you want ergonomics, go for the Leap, but if you want more adjustability, you might want to pick the Steelcase Gesture. Although the Gesture is named ‘best office chair’ on our website, you cannot go wrong when picking the slightly cheaper Leap.


Serta Back in Motion

Some love it, some hate it. We’re more on the loving side, although we can see the drawbacks of the Serta Back-in-Motion. But first, let’s start with the positives.Serta Back in Motion Office Chair

The special thing about this Serta chair is its so-called ‘Back-in-Motion’ feature. This means that the lumbar support moves when you do, and this works surprisingly well. Many users with back pains or those who spend long hours sitting behind a desk report that this chair is definitely a great choice. It’s not too expensive either, so that’s a plus.

However, the build quality of this chair is not the greatest, and it’s not really made for big people. If you’re a bit bigger, we’d recommend the Herman Miller Aeron or Embody instead. Overall, quite a good pick!


Lorell Executive High-Back

The Lorell Executive High-Back is one of the cheaper options in the bunch, but it’s still an excellent choice. Similar to the Workpro Quantum 9000, the Lorell reminds us of the Aeron.

Lorell Executive High-Back Office ChairLuckily, the Lorell is a bit more affordable while not skimping on quality. The ergonomics of the Lorell are in fact quite good. The spine-support is great and the seat is thick enough to make sitting for longer periods quite comfortable.

Whether you’re small or big, the Lorell is a great choice. We made sure to adjust the chair to our colleague’s height (who is 6 foot 3), and he felt almost as comfortable as when sitting on Herman Miller’s Aeron.

In short, for this price you can’t get much better in terms of adjustability and ergonomics. You can adjust the seat height, swivel, tilt, arm height, arm width, and more.

What we usually see with office chairs at this price is that the quality of the materials used isn’t too great. For instance, take the Alera Elusion or the Workpro Quantum 9000. Both chairs have similar issues as the Lorell Executive: some users report that after a few months of intensive use, parts may break or the chair starts to squeak.

That’s definitely a downside, but if you’re a bit lucky and if you check your chair regularly for any loose bolts, you should be quite happy with your purchase of any of these three.


Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

Could you even call this an office chair? Sure, it might not be the standard kind of chair you’re hoping for, but if you want to have a great posture both on a chair and while standing, the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair is a really good option.Isokinetics Balance Ball Office Chair

Such ball chairs can be very good for your back, but you will have to practice sitting on one. In contrast with the other chairs mentioned here, you can’t just go from sitting 8 hours on your normal chair to sitting 8 hours on a balance ball.

Your back muscles will need strengthening to properly use this chair, and although it is good for your posture, the effort you have to take before sitting comfortably is also the chair’s main drawback. In addition, it may take time to inflate the ball correctly and the build quality could be improved. If you want to check out a similar chair, we also recommend the Safco Zenergy Ball Chair.

Overall, the Isokinetics is a solid choice if you want to keep a proper posture while sitting, but it takes time to get used to this type of chair.


Workpro Quantum 9000

We like the Workpro because it has some features that reminds us of the Herman Miller Aeron. At the same time, it comes with a much lower price.Workpro Quantum 9000 Office Chair

The Quantum 9000 (with or without headrest) is quite adjustable, and its users especially favour the armrests that can be adjusted to a high degree. That’s where the chair scores some points.

More importantly, in terms of ergonomics it’s really a great chair as well. It fits a lot of different body types, so even if you’re over 6-foot you won’t have an issue with this chair. The chair also makes sure you keep the right posture, so that’s a plus.

The only downside(s) we could find is that the chair isn’t made with the best materials. We’ve had numerous users report that small parts would deform or break off altogether. The price is quite low when comparing it to some of the other chairs we review here, but still, at this price point, we expected more.


Salli Swing & Salli SwingFit

We thought we couldn’t end this review without including an unconventional office chair. Despite the price, we chose to include the Salli Swing and its ‘brother’, the Salli SwingFit.

It’s something what we jokingly call:

The queen of all saddle seat chairs.Salli Swing Office Chair

The Salli Swing is really a great saddle chair and unlike any saddle chairs we’ve ever seen. ‘Normal’ saddle chairs are good for your posture and back, but they are rather rigid. In contrast, the seating of the Swing and the Swing Fit can be adjusted, and the chair does a better job at improving your posture.

It not only forces you to sit up straight, but also tilts your hips forward and makes your thighs slant down, which is the way we want to see it.

The downside of this chair is, of course, the price. We love this chair because of its combination of simplicity and ergonomic design. However, at this price point, you cannot expect anything more than the best, but the build quality just doesn’t live up to this.

Nonetheless, it’s a great chair. If you prefer a saddle seater, make sure to take a look at the Salli range.


Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron is a good chair, but it is not necessarily the best ergonomic chair out there. Compared to the Embody, the Aeron really misses out on adjustability.Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

The reason for that is probably because the Aeron is quite old. It was initially designed in 1994, and although it has received a few updates, it’s not the best fit for this day and age.

Did you know that on average, Americans sits for 6 to 8 hours per day?

That is not what this chair has been designed for. Because it is a classic, we felt we had to include it in this list, but we’d recommend one of the other chairs mentioned here instead.


The Best Ergonomic Office Chair is the Herman Miller Embody

That’s it!

We’ve taken a quick look at the best ergonomic office chair, but there are so many different chairs available, that we couldn’t possibly review them all. For instance, we chose not to include any kneeling chairs. No worries though, if you’re looking for the best kneeling chairs, we’ve got you covered.

Also note that we didn’t pay too much attention to price. However, there are numerous chairs that are well designed and are significantly cheaper, such as:

Or drafting chairs, such as:

But when price is not the issue and you want a well-crafted, ergonomic office chair, then

Check out the Herman Miller Embody, and look no further!