We’ve discussed one or two balance ball chairs in the past, but we’ve never written a full post on balance ball chair reviews before. However, at AllAboutChairs we notice that some people simply like using balance ball chairs much more, than something like the Alera Elusion (our best pick under 200) or even the Herman Miller Embody. That is why we cover 5 different balance ball chairs here. You may have noticed that 3 of them are of the brand ‘Gaiam’. Gaiam is a yoga and fitness brand which specifically makes products for anyone wanting to increase their core strength. So it’s no wonder that the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair comes as our number one pick.


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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


Most of our job involves spending long hours behind the desk, every day and every week. That’s why you’ve come to AllAboutChairs; after all, you need a chair that makes your life more comfortable, be it in the office or at home. This best-selling ball chair from Gaiam provides you with all-day back support. Using the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair improves your posture while giving you a strengthening workout. This chair enables you to work, while at the same time you’ll be maintaining a healthier back.

We found this Gaiam chair to be the best Balance Ball chair due to its firmness and effective results. We were greatly attracted to the features of Gaiam Balance Ball chair modified specifically to offer you maximum comfort. The chair provides you with ergonomic support, while simultaneously strengthening your core. This is achieved by the adjustable height of the back of the chair which is 2.5 feet tall. The chair is designed to fit people of 5’ to 5’11” and to the comfort of many, it can accommodate up to 300lbs. The Balance Ball Chair is really a tool that improves your posture.

Apart from these personal benefits, we noticed that the chair itself is designed in a way that it is simple to handle. This includes clear instructions on how to assemble the chair.

You sure are guaranteed of a healthy day at work when you use this Balance Ball chair. Unlike the other Balance Ball Chairs, its desktop workout guide enables an active moderate exercise and stretching routine for you to try out at any moment. The chair’s stability is provided by its light weight base made from molded PVC. The base of 20 inches wide from one wheel to another and the rolling caster wheels are lockable. You will only need to assemble the two front caster wheels and the two locking back wheels. Better still, the latex free 52cm Balance Ball is made of an anti- bursting material. Other additional details include a secure metal ball holder, an air pump, and a desktop guide to help keep you moving.

Available in several colors, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair was developed through consultation of Dr. Randy Weinzoff, a chiropractic pioneer. This means that it significantly reduces an aching back syndrome which comes from sitting at a desk for many hours. It also helps to alleviate pain and promotes proper posture, a healthier back, spinal alignment, and overall well-being. For maximum performance, re-inflate this chair once or twice after buying it.

Of course, we can’t end this review without mentioning the drawbacks of this excellent chair. The fact that its general height is not adjustable may hinder it from fitting properly at certain desks. And perhaps this chair is not very fitting for some working environments, but that’s the case with all balance ball chairs, we think. Overall though, a solid option if you want to use a balance ball chair at work or at home.


Isokinetic Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair


The Isokinetic Balance Exercise Ball Chair is mainly based on an exercise ball and has equally big wheels to match. This model is available in six awesome colors: gray black, purple, red, blue and green. We love the fact that you get to choose the option that fits your taste. Among the features of the Isokinetic Inc. Balance Ball Chair is the promise a full one-year warranty and an added free pump for inflating the ball.

What we loved most about this chair is the ‘tall boy’ design. This involves specially manufactured Balance Ball Chairs for users who are very tall and are in the league of 6 feet and above. This makes the chair more desirable for specific target groups. The tall boy model arrives in the black color and sports a frame of about 2 inches which encompasses the standard model.

Another feature is that the chair is made of two forms. One made of metal and another made in plastic frames. And its adjustability and options make it a perfect choice for home, office or school. By all means, this is a very lovely chair. Its tall boy design, alternative color options, the large lockable wheels and the free pump makes it a better choice than the other chairs. The tall boy design surely beats all the other Balance Ball Chairs.

What we did not like about the Isokinetic Balance Ball Chair is directly related to the included pump. As much as we did not experience challenges with operating the pump or the air pumping process itself, some people have. Some buyers have complained that due to the size of the pump, it takes quite a lot of time for air to fill up the chair ball for use. This, they said, is extremely tiring.


LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair


This LuxFit chair is an office chair fitted with a special yoga ball. The ball aids in the prevention of spine disorders caused by poor posture. The process of spine rehabilitation rescues you from prolonged use of the usual swivel office chairs.

The LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair is expertly designed to ease mobility. It is carefully adorned with large wheels to ensure you have comfort and guaranteed stability. You also get a standard warranty of three years when you buy this chair, which is a lot better than its competitors.

In our review of LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair, we found out that there are attractive things to love about this exceeding fitness exercise ball chair. The chair has a design that concentrates on mobility. It can move as quickly as the swivel chair that you were used to. We loved this feature due to the familiarity of moving around the office on your chair. The chair inspires confidence when you sit on due to its large wheels; this gives you stability.

Most importantly, you will get back support from the standard and reliable arm at the back. This support offers relaxation at all time. We found the three-year warranty as such an attractive offer mainly because most seats come with a one year only warranty. The mobility feature makes this chair better than the other Balance Ball chairs, but it is not as strong as the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

There are a few shortcomings that we pointed out to this exercise chair anyway. One of them being that this chair is limited to a certain height. It is not accommodative to those over six feet. Another issue is that the chair comes only in a standard color of black. So you will not enjoy variations when it comes to this model.


Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair


Those who think balancing on ball chairs involved, Gaiam worked hard to manufacture this custom fit model specifically for you! The way to boost your strength and energy level is by switching to the use of this Gaiam chair. We found out that while you use this balance ball chair, your smaller supporting muscles are well engaged. As expected, this improves your back and core. Most Balance ball chairs are for health purposes. This one does not disappoint either; the chair ensures you have Proper posture which increases back strength through working more muscles as you sit. As you know, Increased back power creates a better circulation, and less neck and joint pain.

We loved the 55-centimeter latex-free, anti-burst Balance Ball. The Balance Ball is removable and can be incorporated into quick stretching sessions between meetings. You can also use this Balance Ball as a yoga ball at home. You will enjoy the custom fit features which include the adjustable legs that give you unshakable stability. The legs are secured by an easy glide metal base with lockable Castor wheels. The greatest advantage that this chair has over those in the same category is its adjustable height.

Unfortunately, this Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair only fits those in the height range of 5’0”-5’11”. The chair also makes you quite sweaty if the weather is hot. Another problem that gives it a lower score on our list is that the lumbar support is a bit far back for many, users may be forced to lose their good posture to reach it.


Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair


Available in six pleasant and super interesting colors (purple, charcoal, blue, green, glossy black & nectarine), this well-known backless exercise ball office chair is made for users between 5 feet and 5’11 and can comfortably carry weights of up to 300 pounds.

The design of the chair includes a removable ball that is conveniently used for other exercise tasks for general health improvement.

We saw that this unique chair aligns the spine, relieves pain, ensures a healthier back, and improves the general well-being. Needless to mention that it comes with an air pump of its own and easy-glide casters wheels that ensure ease of operation and use respectively.

The Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair employs the same technology and balance as the first Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. However, this model is made without the famous support bar adjustable back. The absence of this customizable back keeps the user from inclining inappropriately in reverse. You will, therefore, have no real option other than to sit upright using this kind of chair. We noted that this chair is well adapted to be used as either for home use or office purposes. A great many people these days tend to incline towards using the ball chairs in the workplace. This is because you won’t get drained easily when using it.

There are several features on this chair that we found to be very impressing. The following are some of them;

  • The Removable ball design: The 52cm ball can be removed when you want and used for different exercises that are not related to the fact of it being a ball chair or how it was meant to initially function. This is a fantastic plus, especially for experimental users who may wish to try other exercise routines.
  • Color variations: With at least six colors to choose from, this ball chair can comfortably fit right into any setting and interior décor space, without having a problem with the color combination of the room. We honestly love the enjoyment that comes with choosing what color you want.
  • The top quality air pump is very different from the other free ones due to its high quality. The pump, intelligently seen, that it has an ability to outlast even the entire chair ball long. The pump can also be used to perform other uses not directly related to the exercise ball itself or the first Balance Ball chair.
  • High-quality wheels that have a long lasting guarantee. The wheels navigate around just like in other model but are a higher line than the usual wheels.

We identified two major things that we do not like about this ball chair which is: its confusing instruction manual and the fact that there is no standard removal plug for the ball. The instructions manual included with this chair is in a way a bit confusing. The chair advertisement claims and makes it clear that the Balance ball is 52cm. However, the chair’s manual mentions a 55cm ball. This is confusing especially for new users. The other issue concerning the lack of a standard plug for removing the ball makes the ball prone to being damaged when trying to figure out any other way of removing.


So, that’s it! Each and every one of these chairs is worth the price. All have highly desirable features and if you know you want a balance ball, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Nonetheless, we picked the Gaiam simply because we found it to be the most sturdy and fitting balance ball chair. Buy it here, or take a look at our article on best office chairs under 200, which features chairs of a similar price, but a different style!